Duck nesting with non fertilised eggs

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    Aug 14, 2013
    I have a duck which decided to start nesting with our two turkeys all in the chicken boxes. She has stolen a few of their eggs and a couple of chook eggs and added them to hers. There is no male duck around, so no ducklings. She has been sitting on them for over 35 days now. Originally thought she might hatch the turkeys but since found out they are not fertilised eggs after stealing a couple of them at different times and cracking them to find a normal egg yolk. First time with nesting birds.
    My question is, should I be taking away the eggs, so she can move on or leave them there for who knows how long she is willing to sit on them? I have asked the same question about the turkeys on the turkey forum.
    As we are getting warmer weather here in Victoria, Australia it is starting to get a bit smelly and attracting flies in the boxes. She is quite protective of her nest, hissing and heavily guarding when out for a drink or food. Quite amusing seeing her latch on to the turkeys feathers and being pulled along like she is skiing!

    I have attached a photo of how they are nesting. Also a picture of some poo I have been seeing around since they have all been nesting. I am pretty sure it is one of the turkeys but not 100%. If anyone has any advice about that issue too, like is it normal for nesting birds, or lacking is something in their diet, dehydration or of course sickness.

    So please if you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.




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    If your noticing a smell then I'd get rid of the eggs, take out all the old nest material and put in fresh, I had to do this with some broody's that just would not give up, but after I got rid of original nesting material they weren't that interested in sitting any more. The poo looks like broody poop, which is normal for brooding birds, give them some good quality protein to help them build back up after sitting for so long, also you can find some good poultry vitamins with electrolytes and probiotics in it to add to their water will help.

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