Duck pen cleaning

Aug 2, 2019
It was bound to happen. I had emergency surgery and my duck pen needs cleaning and I can't do it. I live in a small (farming) community but apparently duck pen cleaning doesn't fall in the farming category. I have been asking around trying to find somebody but have no bites yet. I don't even know what would be appropriate to pay for the job. I just figured I would let them name their price. I can either afford them or not. If not, I will have no choice but to wait until I can do it. They haven't given me a date for release to work but I know I have at least a month of rehab to go. Then we evaluate what I will be capable of doing. So I'm not looking forward to waiting a month to clean out the pen and run. Those rascals are having a fine old time making a muddy mess with all the rain we have been getting. Any thoughts on what you think would be a reasonable price to pay for duck pen cleaning or how to convince somebody it would be a good learning experience?

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