duck pen conversion to chicken coop

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    I have an 8x16 chain link run with shade cloth on the top that I used to keep my ducks in for years. Inside the run is my daughter's old Lil' Tyke Princess Playhouse. The floor is sand and we never had issues with predators. The ducks laid their eggs all over and did end up with a nest in the heart house. Now that I am "duckless," I think I'd like to get some chickens (maybe 6 or so). Can I convert the princess house into a coop for them? It's pretty small, but I don't think I'd ever have to lock them in it. I never locked the ducks up and they only went in the playhouse at night or when it was pouring rain. I'm in Florida so we don't get too cold, either. I was thinking I could put a bars up in there for them to roost on, and place some nesting boxes around on the floor. I don't fit into the house too well (awfully small door) but my kids do and they've volunteered to be the egg gatherers. Of course the playhouse isn't nearly as beautiful as the coops I've seen (and lusted after) on this board, but it's here and I'd like to use it if I could. At one point I was raising some turkeys and ducks for a friend (and the unexpected roo packing peanuts), and I ended up putting a big oak limb in the run for roosting room as well. I could provide a branch inside the playhouse and in the run.

    I also used to let the ducks come into our pool area during the day to wander through the bushes, chase bugs, occasionally sneak a swim, etc. Could I do this with the chickens as well? Or would they fall into the pool? The ducks loved it and we could go out and give them special treats, etc.

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    This sounds like a perfect plan! There has been several threads on playhouse coops here on BYC. Here's one I was just reading updates on this morning... . With your temperatures there in FL that playhouse will work perfectly...since you won't need to insulate it for cold winters [​IMG]

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