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  1. I was wondering if anyone can show me how to make a simple but nic duck pen for 7 ducks.

  2. rainplace

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    The easiest would be to use chicken wire and step-in posts. I really like using step in posts better than the t-posts because if I want to move the pen, I can do so easily.

    Found this picture on the internet, it's using metal posts and cheap field fencing. You can do the same thing with whatever fencing and posts are cheapest. Hope this helps.

  3. rainplace

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    Oh, are you talking about a duck house?
  4. cskotek

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    Currently we are working on making a cage for about 10+ ducks. [​IMG][​IMG]

    This had been built useing 6x6 left over wood to raise the main part above the ground, then some plywood for the floor, sides and soon to be roof. We also used 2x4's for the frame and i think those are 2x6 for the roof to be attached at the top. We then put a thick layer of paint for the floor so hopefully it hold up to the ducks poop 0.0. Since these pictures its gotten a matching roof as the dog cage (right) and as you can see its also shingled and a back was built. But then winter came and building it had ceased. Since then we have gotten pretty warm weather we dug a line for water for both cages (dog, duck) next thing is to put up the fencing around the bottom of where the roof is like the dog cage but where going to put multi sized fence around it with the outside fence being a durable steal fence (we have alot of raccoons, oppossium, coyotes, bear) we want this cage to be really durable and were going to put around the bottom some plexi glass for just in case.. We will also put a door on the cage part with a lock. Were going to also put ramps for them to get in and out of the cage. We made it 2 holes just incase we need to seprate them for any reason. The back has doors where we can easily acess to clean and gather eggs. Were going to then go and install motion sensored lights to hopefully scare off other possible predators. During the day they have a pond to go in. Hope that helps!
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    Okay, I need to know. What are people around here calling a "pen." I always thought it was an enclosed yard.
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    Im calling it something thats enclosed and houses animals. But i just put an idea out there :p
  7. just anything
    i like that house and the pen and a plan is sprouting so thnx ... but dont stop posting!

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Port Orchard, Wa
    Your location is SD, does that mean San Diego or South Dakota? It makes a big difference for what you need to build. [​IMG]
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    No problem, and i think thats south dakota, he has 40 acres. xD I know a kid form there that raises cows o.o
  10. oh we dont raise cows abymore but what road are they on?

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