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Mar 21, 2017
I'm thinking about putting in a small duck/geese pond. Something along the lines of 12'x20'. I have a small farm, which includes chickens, ducks, and geese. Everybody has their own coop and pen that they go in at night, and everyone comes out during the day to ramble around. Maybe a pond with liner and pump would be better than plastic kiddie pools. Looking for advice and pictures. Since this would be pretty much in my backyard, aesthetics are kind of important. I have 7 ducks and 5 geese.
Will probably be easier for you to search for things that suit your needs. There are literally tons of ideas on this site. Hopefully some folks will give you ideas. But I will say, be sure to do something that is easy to drain and clean.

I buried a boat. lol

In looking the pond situation over, I think I can make a much bigger pond than I originally thought if I move one temporary pasture fence over a little. Maybe 40'x60', and 2' to 4' deep. That would also bring it up to the edge of the woods for some shade and algae control. I've been reading about building natural ponds, and that's the way I want to go. No liner. Nothing fancy. Basically a farm pond with boulders and rock around it, and in it. Cattails, lily pads, and other plants non-tasty to ducks. We have a bunch of ferns in our woods that transplant well.

So, two more questions:
I would like to find a larger solar fountain to move the water. Everything I'm finding is too small, or costs thousands of dollars. What are some good places to look?
Secondly, I don't have a creek or a spring, so will have to rely on rainwater to fill. We have a problem with flooding here, so don't think that will be much of an issue until August. Do you just occasionally drop a hose in? We're on city water here unfortunately (I SO miss my well!)

I can't seem to copy the picture that's almost exactly what I want, but here's one on a much smaller scale.


A pond on city water? Not the way to go. Drill a well or change your plan.
There's nothing peaceful or stress re leaving about your pets floating in there own feces.
In Houston TX in 2010 a 60 foot deep irrigation use only well cost $3500.00. If you have a 1 acre yard it will pay for it's self in 3 years.

I just built a pond for our geese. I did the majority of it myself, got some great deals, & it still cost over $4000.00 That's not counting the 6 - 7 thousand gallons water.
But it is pretty bad ass as far as the geese are concerned.
These are not cheap either but one of the best parts about this pond set up is the turd vac. ( Oase pond vac) We couldn't justify buying one with the kiddy pools but these things are really cool. Maybe it's just me? 2nd pic is their 1st turd.


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