Duck Prolapse

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    Jan 21, 2016
    my Rouen duck (Afro) has been having difficulty pooping, and only liquid came out, so we looked at the duck's vent, and there was a HUGE prolapse in the vent. So i went to this website on what to do with a prolapse, and they showed how to squeeze out the prolapse out of the vent. It was as hard as a rock! So after we pulled it out (3 nights ago) my duck was more relaxed and pooped normally. the next day, we found yet ANOTHER prolapse. So last night we squeezed that one out, and the duck slept good last night. we separated Afro from Herc, the other duck i have, because Herc was pecking Afro's sensitive vent. But still, Afro's pooping out liquid, ONLY. I've been putting an antibiotic in Afro's water, because of an eye infection, and the eyes are getting better. But Afro still has diarrhea-like poop!
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    Have you posted on the duck thread as well? You will get better advice from duck people there. Go up to Forums at the top of the page and drop down to Other backyard poultry.

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