Duck Run For Daytime

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    May 8, 2016
    Alberta, Canada
    So I will be getting ducks, they're going to be stationed close to our house but not directly beside. Right by the landscaping plants actually. Tons of human scent, dog poop, and activity. Their coop will be covered with 1/4" hardware cloth as we only have hawks, weasels, marten, foxes, coyotes, and squirrels. The day run will be 12'x15' or 15'x15'. I want it to be safe and the wire will be buried 6"-18" into the ground. This is for the day only though.
    I'm thinking of using chicken wire (1"x1") even though I've had warnings against it, hear me out. Any predators rarely come near our yard and when I'm away from them, there will be people outside anyways. I have an excellent guard dog who is fearless, definitely less predators around after we got her. We also hunt so predators know to stay away. Will chicken wire work with barbed wire woven in it at different heights to deter predators? They shouldn't have enough time to bite through with my dog around, she would hear the ducks. The coop is extremely secure. The run will be checked daily for any holes or digging, and will be repaired accordingly.
    If not chicken wire/barbed wire mix, what should I use? Stucco wire?
    Also how high should I make it? Can I get away with 4', as the run is on a slope, partially covered, and very sturdy with wooden fence posts?

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