Duck shakes with excitement....? (Vibrating ducks)



10 Years
Jul 7, 2009
When playing with my 2 ducks they sometimes start shaking. The shaking starts in their beak, then head, then neck and then moves down into their body.
During this time they try and nibble my fingers and get even more playful.
Then without warning they lunge forward nibbling up my arm, or over my shoulder, still shaking followed by a wagging of the tail and the shaking stops...for about 10 seconds...then it starts again.
If you stroke their head it can induce this shaking...sometimes it can go on for 30 minutes or more.

Does anyone elses ducks do this shakey neck duck beak thing?
Is it them playing? They seem very happy when doing it.


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Yea. Vibrating ducks...that's exactly it.
Why do they shoot up my arm very quickly?
It's very funny to watch.

I take it they are happy then.
Silly beasts.

Do they do it to each other?
My Campbell keeps shaking when I stroke her near the runner...but then she shakey neck duck beaks my 8 week runner instead of me...the runner doesn't understand why she's being targetted

The runner does it to me all the time...but I haven't seen her shakey neck duck beak the Campbell yet.

Sorry to bump this thread back up again (because it is very old) but I had the same question!

Is this normal? Because my ducks do this too! At first I was scared and thought something might be wrong but now I'm not sure.

Again, sorry for bringing up an old topic, but thanks to anyone who can answer this question!
Do both your males and females do this? Both of my drakes do this, but I haven't seen my girls do it. I thought it was just another "boy thing"... My niece who is 4 months old (I remember her bday because it was 10 days before my ducks hday
) started to shake and lunged when she saw her bottle the other day. I told my sister that my ducks do that too when I have treats!! I don't think she liked me comparing her daughter to my ducks...

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