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    I have a duck that has been sitting for several weeks....not sure exactly when she started because she was already sitting when I found her. I think it has been about a month since I found her. She definitely has some rotten eggs under her because the smell is AWFUL. My question is this, if I candle the eggs to see if there are any chicks, will I be able to tell the developing eggs from rotten eggs. If so, how? I also have a goose that started sitting within the past week. I had to run her off her nest and move the nest and eggs over about a foot from where it was because she had it right in front of a gate going into a pen.....I couldn't get in the pen to give the occupants water. I counted the eggs as I moved them and she has 25 goose eggs and 2 duck. There will be at times another goose to sit on the nest with her. I think I'll try candling them this weekend.
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    You'll probably be able to tell from the smell alone :sick But yes, I would definitely candle and remove the bad eggs, you don't want one to explode. Depending on how far along they are, you might see some veins in the good eggs or they might look almost entirely black with only the air cell being clear.

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