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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by VOX, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Hey guys its been a long while. Iv come back to ask about my ducks calls and what they mean. My oldest duck gilbert who i hatched first, hes about 2 1/2 months old now and then i have to other duckings and 2 chickens. Well Gilbert is making a loud Waaaaaaaaa waaaa waa sound and im woundering what it means. He does this when im out of the room or at night when i turn out the lights. hes not use to sleeping in the dark. I was using a night light for him but all the bulbs have blew out so i leave the tv on for him. but his cage is right next to my bed. Now when i go to sleep he gets as close to me/ the bed as he can and sleeps standing up with his bill resting on top of the bar of the cage. but when im up and about he lays down at the front of the cage. Just wondering if he trying to tell me somthing or whats going on. Also when im out he stands at the front of the cage bobing he head up and down making a fast little cry sound, im guessing this means hes wanting out of the cage. I do let him out when he starts doing this, matter of fact as i type this hes doing it being as hes cage is right behind me lol. [​IMG]

    Also while im thinking about it, I have my other two ducks and they are about 4 weeks old with my 2 baby chickens they are all the same age cuz i hatched them all together and they are fine together but now the two ducks are pulling the hair out of only one the chicks, kinda like they are picking on him, its making me really angry, why are they doing it to only that chicken....and im trying to get the ducklings use to my oldest duck gilbert, thier cages are side by side, but when i put a duckling in with him he not really attacks it but grabs it then lets go, whats gilbert trying to do? i dont think hes trying to hurt the duckling cuz he will only grab the duckling if it gets to close. other then that he wont bother it. If gilbert wanted to hurt it he would have already done it. cuz i left him with one ducking for about 2 hours while i was gone and he dident hurt him, he will kinda like chase him and nip him a little bit and let i notice when glibert does get angry his hair will stand up and his tail feathers will fan out, but he only does that when a dog is around and will not do it to the baby duckies
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    I think your Gilbert may be a girl. Simply because of the loud waaaaa waa waa sound. I would not put the ducks together until the younger ones aver over 8 weeks old, best to wait until they are 12 weeks. It may also be time to separate the chickens from the ducks.
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    Quote:[​IMG] thats what i thought.
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    I believe that is the come-back call but iam not 100% I do know however that when a duck makes the ticka-ticka sound and bobs their head it is a breeding and feeding call

    I hunt!
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    yeah i was like 90% he was a girl, if that makes since lolz. So yeah now its offical its a she. any who, and yes now i have to seperate the chicks from the ducks because oddly, that little chickin i was just talking about being picked on....about 15 mins ago, he attacked one of the ducks causing the ducks wing to bleed every where. So now i have seperated them permently. I have set up a third cage with them all side by side, if i dont the chicks will cry for the ducks. Now, i have noticed one of my baby ducks has be quacking for about 2 weeks now. started 2 weeks ago with a little quacky sound and is getting a more developed quack. but the other one can only peep. So the one already quacking is a female right?

    And Daisy's wing is fine and all taking care of [​IMG] (Daisy is the duck the chicken attacked, My girlfriend named it that so dont look at me.............[​IMG])
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    Yes, the chatty ones are girls. Zehn gives me the waaaaa waa wa as a kind of, hey-where-are-you-going-come-right-back-here call. She also uses it as an I-thought-I-heard-you-are-you-there-come-see-me call.

    The sideways head-bobbing is interesting. Zwei and Funf do it to Zehn, but sometimes also to me. I think it might be a you-are-cool call.

    They can be so sweet, yes? Sorry there was an altercation. Glad you got the wound taken care of. Gosh.

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