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Oct 26, 2021
I have a 1yr 5mth old Rouen duck. She first stated laying eggs in January and has laid eggs consistently, pretty much every day since then. She has not laid an egg in almost 2 months. The last egg she laid was a soft egg and she laid it in the evening. Since then she has not laid anything. She has never laid a soft egg before this. She seems completely heathy and eats and drinks normally. I noticed she has been growing in new feathers over the past 2 months, not sure if this has caused her to stop laying eggs. Her feathers have seemed to all come in as of now though. I live in Colorado and the weather as been pretty warm so I don't think the weather is impacting anything. Is it normal for her to stop laying eggs? If not, what caused her to stop?


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Oct 16, 2020
Northern California
It is pretty normal for them to stop laying in the winter. It has more to do with the amount of sunlight than the temperature. Ducks will stop laying eggs when they molt. It is a healthy thing for them to take a break from laying eggs.

However, since she laid a soft shelled egg, I would keep an eye on her for any unusual behavior. Soft shelled eggs are difficult for ducks to lay and put strain on the duck. Occasionally during the end of the season or when they start up again they can have trouble. I would get some calcium gluconate from TSC, and just have it on hand in case she needs some. If she has trouble again, you can give her the calcium gluconate, 1ml, twice a day till she lays her soft shelled egg. Then once a day until she starts laying normally. A luke warm bath will also help with the passing of soft shelled egg.

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