Duck thinks she's a dog?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by McBrayer, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    I have a 5 month old duck who may think she's a dog. In the past 5 months she's lost her sister to a dog attack was attacked herself causing a wing injury and was recently attacked again while we were away for the day.

    After the first attack she calmed WAY down. When she sees me pull in she comes running and when I approach her she squats all the way down waiting for me to pet her.

    We recently brought in a LGD to protect her and our chicken flock. At first she didn't like "Javi", the LGD, but over the past 2 weeks she follows him around, tries to lay with him, squats down for him and tries to play when Javi and our other dog are greeting each other.

    So I'm just wondering if she thinks she's a dog or if she just "knows" or senses that he is there to protect her. Anyone have an experience like this or anything similar??

    We have 3 ducklings that are still separated at the moment and just wondering if they will follow her lead.
  2. I call them feathered Puppies........

    Mine are great with my Dogs.....Probably the others will not bond to the Dog.....The Ducks will bond to each other more .......;)....They will learn to trust the dog though from the behaviour of the Dog and Duck.......

    Mine like my Dogs too.....My Bouncer loves Lucy my Yorkie....Best friends...;)...


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