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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by maggiemmm, Jan 9, 2011.

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    I just ran across a site on BYC that has treats for chickens and was wondering about ducks. My ducks are either picky eaters or I have spoiled them with the good stuff for so long they won't expand their horizons. Mine like peas, corn, salad greens, Swiss chard, yogurt sparingly and the laying mash that I feed the chickens. They have refused to eat the duck food from the farm market.. they do not like the granules or pellets I guess. Does anyone else have ideas for ducky treats? It will be interesting to see if some breeds like certain treats too. I got some bait minnows from the feed store ( for fishing) little perch.. the ducks absolutely went bonkers.[​IMG]. I laughed so hard I almost cried..[​IMG] what clowns. Once a week I put out the ducky bath and let them take a bath, but put treats at the bottom of the huge tub. My dear David is going to hook up a heated tank for them soon. Then they will have a bath whenever they wish. I would truly appreciate any and all comments.
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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Thanks for the site. I figured there HAD to be some posts that dealt with this .. I truly appreciate you sending this to me. Thanks lots![​IMG] My ducks eat the chicken laying mash that I feed my Banties.. Ice Cream-Fish and Fifi-Quack are both still laying eggs Darkwing stopped laying when the weather got cold. Flipper the male will eat just about anything if I call it a treat:D I tried the duck food at the farm store but they raided the chicken coop all the time to the point I decided to give in to them. They are healthy and every once and a while I mash up garlic and slip it to them to help their immune systems. I love my duckies:thumbsup
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    I too have wondered if I should change what I feed my ducks. They (2 rouen drakes) get a mix of layer mash mixed with scratch each day, as well as a cup of frozen peas and frozen corn. I also add some greens (romaine, cabbage etc). I will throw in some chopped tomato or grapes to add variety from time to time. As I understand it, pretty much anything other than the mash is considered a "treat". But I couldn't imagine eating plain old mash every day. They usually eat the "good stuff" first, but they eventually eat the mash. I have tried oatmeal, tomato soup and scrambled eggs this winter for a warm up. But they won't touch anything warm (I just find it untouched and frozen the next morning). For "treats" they get guppies and mealworms. And come summertime, watermelon. If I had more than 2 ducks to feed, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't eat so well. So, is there anything wrong with giving them peas, corn and greens each day? They seem happy and healthy...but also seem to be "picky eaters" at least compared to their chicken sisters (not much those crazy girls wont eat). Is it too much of a good thing?
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    my gang loves dog kibble- its crazy that and popcorn they relish!

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