Duck viral enteritis?


Jul 29, 2021
I am a new duck owner and 10 days ago collected 5 Indian runner ducks of different ages from 3 weeks - 12 weeks old to keep as pets.
6 days after collecting them the smallest one started to become lethargic, floppy, unable to walk upright, had a runny nose, watery diarrhoea and breathing problems. Sadly she died within 12 hours. I though she might have been trampled on by the bigger ducks and become unwell from this. However last night I went to put the ducks away and the 6 week old was unable to stand up. I bought her inside in she quickly deteriorated within 4 hours she had died. I have been reading up on what could be going on and I am now concerned this is duck viral enteritis. I have 3 ducks left and am worried they will be affected by this too. Any thoughts on if this sounds right, and Is there anything I can do to prevent the others from getting it.

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Any chance of getting a vet to examine or getting a necropsy. That way you know for sure what your dealing with. And getting meds to keep the rest from coming down with what it maybe.
Very sorry for your loss.

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