Duck Vs. Dog

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    the description:

    "Our Boxer, Lady, playing with the Muscovy duck. Very cute and funny! Please be aware that we do NOT allow our animals to be together without supervision and neither should you. Lady was invited into the goat pen where Duck lives while I raked up old hay and initiated the play with Duck. The goats were out on the pasture. Lady (along with the rest of our dogs) is very well behaved around the animals. This was a one time thing, and when we went to break it up, Lady immediately left Duck alone on our command, it was Duck who continued to chase after Lady! We know he was probably not nearly amused by this as we were, but he got some tasty grubs and was not in the least bit concerned afterward. He even tried to chase Lady off again. Visit our website at to see our Nigerian Dwarf goats! "

    Enjoy. [​IMG]
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    Cute [​IMG] Kinda looked like the muscovy was wagging his tail with the dog, too.

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