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Okay, so I have read, clean the injury and use neosporin w/o pain killer for chickens... well, I dont have w/o pain killer.... and I don't know if it is fatal to ducks too?

I have no idea what happened. I walked out and found him like this. I cleaned it up and its like skin is missing... deep puncture... about 1/2" across x 1/4" wide. The eye looks fine except the part right around the eye seems is yellow. I don't know if he got pecked by a chicken (which I don't really think) or if he walked into the hay bale wire...

So is neosporin w/ pain killer okay for ducks? Do i need to give him water with antibiotic in it (I have Duramicyn I think... the yellow powder). Should I give him an antibiotic shot (I have Tylan)?

Thanks anyone with help!!!
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im not sure what to do.. but id say give it the water w/antibiotic in it. not sure on the neosporin but id go buy some without the pain killer in it.
good luck. nice looking bird(besides the hole in the head)

I can't see in the picture, exactly where the hole is. If it's where that the thicker feathers start, i would personally want to cut those feathers back as much as possible. they have a habit of hiding dangerous dirt. i wouldn't chance the neosporin with pain reliever unless someone tells you it's definitely ok for ducks. i think someone said that it's toxic to all birds. i can't be sure. what did you clean it out with? can you flush it with a saline solution?

oh yes, really beautiful bird!
I would squirt it clean with a squirt bottle and a weak Betadine solution or normal saline. (one quart boiled water, 1 tsp. table salt, better if not iodized; can use kosher, makes saline.) For a trauma like this I would probably go with Tylan, though I'm sure others would argue against an antibiotic.

I don't know what to tell you about the Neosporin. The kind with painkiller does not have a "caine" drug (lidocaine, cetacaine, etc.) and is ok for chickens but I don't know about ducks. I might gamble it, or just go with the Betadine and Tylan.

Good luck, and hope your duck heals well.

I tried as best I could to trim feathers back... it's hard to hold a trillion pound boy and trim at the same time. He's REALLY upset... he even tried to bite me!!! For obvious reasons, I put him in lockdown... he's in a brooder cage to keep him safe and slightly clean. I know its yucky feathers and whatnot, but it seriously looks like his brains are leaking out
i'm so sorry, and i understand how hard it is to clean them well when they're upset and struggling against you. i don't have ducks, but i can relate.

hopefully, you can do more on him later tonight or maybe in the morning. i truly hope that's platelets and not brain fluid like you said. that does look like a big hole.

let us know how he's acting later.

i'm really sorry about your boy. very very best wishes that he'll recover and be o.k.

i hope you're able to flush out the hole with saline or betadine like dawn suggested. if (and i'm certainly hoping) that's not really brain fluid you're seeing, he'll have a much better chance if you can get the puncture cleaned.

i'll be watching to see how it goes.

seriously, it makes my tummy turn to look at it up close. I've been putting the saline solution on it multiple times a day.

With help, this morning, I managed to get a good picture of the wound.

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Hate to suggest this, but could he have been shot with a BB? There ARE people out there who would do that. If the BB is still in there, he may not heal. Can you see the bottom of the wound?

If you can see a BB and remove it with forceps, it would help to get the foreign body out.

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