Duck was attacked , bill severly damaged

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Chuckfriedrice, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Ive got an adult female Runner was attacked by a dog , Shes drinking but shes not gonna be able to eat , Has anyone sucessfully repaired such a bad injury . I always see pictures about it but now that i need it, I cant find them anywhere . I want to save her if possible but I dont want her to suffer . Shes up and around fine goes to the pool and drinks , So are spirits are high , I know people have repaired them as long as the navel cavity stays unblocked. [​IMG]

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    OH Goodness! This is beyond anything I've dealt with. :( I'm so sorry.
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    Poor thing [​IMG] I've heard of beaks being repaired with epoxy but I don't know of anyone that has ever done it. Maybe you could find a video?
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    @Chuckfriedrice Contact Carolina Water fowl I believe they have a swan with an bill injury that they fixed don't remember all the details but they maybe able to help you find someone in your area that can help Fix your Runner. Poor thing A deep bowl with feed and a deep bowl of water so she can scoop
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