Duck went broody (no drake available), I removed the eggs and she stopped laying


5 Years
Mar 25, 2014
Adkins Texas
Young Cayuga of ours suddenly became very erratic in her laying. Up till now it was one egg a day every day. A few weeks back we started getting one egg every two or three days. Well last weekend I found her nest of 9 eggs in the yard and half of them were black inside. She was still cooping up at night so even if there had been a drake those eggs had zero chance. I think maybe she's lonely after her other duck friends all passed on. Anyway. Since I took the eggs out of her nest she hasn't laid a single one that I can find. Our property isn't that big and I've been over all of it looking. I even watch her to see where she goes when I can during the day.

Did I upset her and cause her to stop laying by taking the eggs from the nest?

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