Duck wing injury

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    Afternoon everyone!

    We had a horrible stray dog attack over the weekend. Had to put down one of my lovelies [​IMG] and one has a wing injury. The surviving Pekin has puncture wounds on her head, left eye and beak that I was able to clean and apply neosporin to. Her wing is hanging though. She wouldn't let me look at her wing until the following day but it's dragging and it looks extremely bruised in the area where her wing and body connect. I moved her inside to a large kennel the following day and let her take a bath to get clean.

    I sprayed Blu-Kote underneath just in case. She doesn't really seem to be in pain. She wants to be held a lot and talked to and is getting back to quacking.

    My main concern is that everytime I wrap her wing she manages she get it off or does something to scare herself and get her good wing in a bad position forcing me to unwrap her. If I leave her unwrapped will her wing heal properly? And how do I know the extent of her injury? I don't want to mess with her wing too much and hurt her more.

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