duck with a teenage attitude


9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
Snotty little beast doc has turned into. I chase her out of my garden, she runs under the coop and yells at me.loud. I try to pick her up, she runs out of reach and yells at me. I don't open the coop fast enough, she yells. I can just picture her stomping her feet at me having a full out tantrum, and it makes me thankful my human teens don't act that way.

Yesterday I chased her out of the garden. She took off at a full run towards the fence around the run. She must have grown more because she can no longer make that running dive under it..instead she went face first into it. Her beak went right into one of the holes and shut her up, for about 20 seconds. The fencing between the run and garden is the plastic netting stuff, so was easy for her to get stuck. She got loose just as I reached her ....and stood there yelling at me. I guess she's telling me it's all my fault.

What a character you have! how can anyone not get a smile on their face when they see ducks? There is NEVER a dull moment when you have ducks around...unless they are asleep.
SNORE? uhhhh no,THAT i haven't encountered ....hahahahaha

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