Duck with angel wing, wrap won't stay!


6 Years
Aug 29, 2014
Panama City, FL
I have an 8 week old duckling that has angel wing. The ducks father had it so I think it's hereditary but I was able to wrap it and it's perfect now. My issue now is that no matter how I wrap it, this duckling is out of the wrap almost immediately. I am pretty sure I'm wrapping it tight enough so I don't think that is the problem.
Well I was able to get it to stay on for about 24 hours and now it doesn't stick out (yet) but it's all droopy. And this poor duck isn't very people friendly so I feel like I'm torturing it every time I put a new wrap on.
Are there any other ways to secure it's wing with something other than vet wrap? I'm about to change its name to Houdini...
The drooping wing sounds like adult feathers are coming in, and that can make the wing muscles tired.

I would give it a day or two of rest without a wrap - can you upload photo's?

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