Duck with sores on her wings


7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
Boise, ID
I have a 2 1/2 month old White Pekin and just yesterday morning I noticed a small streak of blood on her wing so I pulled her out of the run to examine her. I found a small sore/abrasion/scrape on her right wing. A sort of bare-ish rubbed spot where it looks like she rubbed it against something and it bled a little and has started to heal up I think. A look at the left wing reveled 3 more of these sores near the edge of the wing but almost on the underside. The sores are not open or bleeding as of now, and I don't think my hens have been bothering them since they are mostly hidden by Pearl's (said duck's) feathers. She eats and drinks and splashes and forages healthily with the others and there is no other apparent sign of infection or infestation. All the hens' wings are clean and their skin is clear as is Pearls. The only other thing I would suspect is a fungal infection but I am not an expert on ducks and I have no idea what they are susceptible to. She sleeps in the coop at night with the hens. They have a fairly good sized run and there are only 4 hens plus her. They also get plenty of free range time during the evening. She could possibly have injured herself by flapping her wings (which she does every morning after getting out) and hitting them against the sides of the wire run, or rubbing them against something else in the yard (she is rather clumsy) Help please! I am waiting on any vet visits until they appear to get worse or at some sign from someone who knows more about ducks here than I do.
I have not seen anything like this, but I hope to give you a bump.
A topical antibiotic cream would probably do her some good, or at least a warm bath, maybe spot clean the sores, and put some honey on them. Honey has some powerful astringent/antimicrobial properties, and probably wouldn't HURT anything if it is a fungal thing.
Have you got a photo?

Maybe she is injuring herself on some spiky plants in the run, or there are nails or wire sticking out from somewhere?

Maybe a chicken or rooster is occasionally chasing her and she is flapping her wings against the wire or something like that.
mine used to flap wings on the wire of the pen this caused bald patches along the edge of the their wings and feathers some times got pulled out cuasing bleeding
bexnd sounds the closest to what I'm thinking, I don't own any roos and the hens adore her so I don't think they would chase her. I will try to take a pic today and try some of the remedies suggested by m.kitchengirl I really appreciate it!
thats exactly what mine got like i just put on wound cream the sore ness went down it heald up and fluff grew over but the proper feathers never came back :(
it could just be that shes flapping her wings to close to something could be anything in the pen the fence a nestbox. i doubt its another bird as it'll be the neck head area or the tail that'll get the damage
I'd say it looks like a flapping injury as well. I would wash it as best I can & put a bit of neosporin on it. Then just keep an eye on it to make sure it heals.
Thanks so much guys, I super appreciate it. I have washed them and have slathered the spots with Neosporin twice today (much to Pearl's dismay). I'll continue this procedure and keep an eye on them.

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