Duck won't bathe?

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    So this is my first time owning ducks. We hatched them from eggs and they struggled to get out but after a WHILE of waiting and googling what to do our best bet was to help them out. 4 out of 5 survived the hatch. One duck we later named Pepper was odd from hatch. He couldn't hold his head up at first and it was always crooked to one side. As he got dried and fluffed he could hold it up but still had problems with it being to one side. We gave him vitamins and he was acting normal and drinking and wasn't acting sick at all. We decided he just had Wry neck and not a neurological problem. He can move it to the other side he just decides not too. He would swim in circles and would look up at us too far and fall on his back. It was derpy but cute. around 5 days after they hatched the littlest duck we named Ginger passed away. We don't know why one day she was fine the next day she was feeling very sick. The rest however grew up fine. They are all Peking ducks.

    They are now around 16 weeks old. Both girls (Cilantro and Basil) Are completely normal but Pepper is still derpy. He still acts normal like the girls but his head is still crooked enough that it's noticeable. He also only bathes in the water if it is within 15 minutes of being filled up. He has become very dirty on his back because he wont clean it off. His eye is also wet around it and foams a lot of the time. We watched it out twice a day and it doesnt foam as bad but still does. He doesnt put his head in the water like the girls we have to throw pees on the ground for him instead. Anyone have any suggestions or anything. It is winter now and it doesnt get below freezing very often here but I dont know how good his oils are on his back. He doesnt seem to be wet when he comes out of the water but he definitly stays just as dirty.
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    This is likely the wry neck still hanging around. Please go buy the liquid b complex from tractor supply. It says cattle injection, but you can give it to him orally. 1 mL a day. Take a syringe and suck 1 mL out and squirt it on his favorite treat. @Knighstar679 what else did you give your duck with wry neck? Selenium? You can’t overdose on the b complex but I think you can on selenium so hopefully she has dosages for you. Wry neck takes quite some time to correct. But you should be able to work with him for a couple weeks to get it back to normal. Warm massages, vitamins, he won’t like it but that’s ok. Keep at it because he will be better in no time!
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    I did 400iu capsule of vitamin e and foods high in selenium because you can overdose on it. My food of choice was boiled egg and wet fish based cat food. A single egg or can mixed into the mesh I made daily seemed to work wonderful.
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