Duck wont stand up


8 Years
Oct 9, 2013
South Western Death Valley, Ca.
My duck Aflack was mounted by one of my ganders and I do believe she is now hurting badly , when I found her she was on her back kicking her leg's to get up but she could impishly run when I put her on her feet so I took her in to the shed where she has been for a week now but the last couple of days she cant or wont stand up and I checked her leg movements and no broken bones were indicated and I felt around for broken ribs and nothing out of the ordinary was found ...

She only sits by her feed and water where I put her and she is not even trying to move around when strangers come in to the shed / ( Man Cave )....

She poops on the old towel I have her on so that part is working just no movement of her legs and not as timed of people or there moving around ,,, Just sits there like a stoned high school student .......

Her eating and drinking are at a minimum ......

Any ideas ?????

Age of Duck ,, I hatched her in March of 2011 ...... So she is 4 years old ....

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