G Wiz Ranch

11 Years
Jan 20, 2009
Lompoc, CA
Here are our "Duckens". One of our Buff Orpington (chicken) Hens went broody. I didn't want any mutt chickens so we gave her 8 mixed duck eggs. 2 eggs didn't take and 1 was a late death. 5 hatched on their own with her. After the hatch, we made a place for them in our duck run. We will let her raise them until they are big enough to not fit through the wire fence in the duck run. They are 2 weeks old in the pics. 2 of them look like pure breed Mallards and they other three could be a mix of 6 other breeds. They fee range with the rest of the chicken and duck flocks during the day. She is a good mother and is very protective. Sometimes the little ones get confused when they are around other BO hens and they will follow one of them instead of her, but she corrects them fairly quickly.



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