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    Mar 5, 2008
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    Well the kids and I took our 3 Silkies to the local fair today and what a hoot! A great time! I really enjoyed taking the birds out and letting kids pet them and telling them about them. Honestly my 3 and 5 year old held them the most and told everyone their names.. so cute. (Though some kids figured "those kids are holding them" -then grabbed them :| No those kids are the OWNERS)

    Anyway, one of my pullets took 1st, on the tag of the other pullet was "duckfoot"? I assume it is a foot thing? Someone?

    And my cockrel has a bare middle toe [​IMG] Will he grow feathers still? He is about 5 months old now. Got second place (okay he was the only one in his class, so that isn't SO good [​IMG] )

    There was a beautiful pair of hens called Appenzeller Spitzhauben and they had bald spots on top of their backs in front of their tails?? Is this a breed thing? Gorgeous birds though! Would be nicer covered in feathers.

    Anyway it was great fun as we are not serious show-ers, but even my hubby (who had yet to touch one of these chickens who invaded his life) helped me bathe their foot feathers the night before and got into it. There were hardly any silkies and people just love their calm attitude and fluffy soft presence.

    Anyway I would love to know about the "duckfooted"? [​IMG]
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    My guess is duckfoot is that one or more of the toes on the feet are webbed and aren't sticking out highly defined and distinct.

    As for feathers, where they have them as chicks is where they'll have them as adults. So no, they won't grow in.

    Bald back in front of tails is often due to overmaiting of males. Could also be molt or pecking if it was a bald male.
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    duckfoot is when the back toes sling along the side and point forwards rather than sitting in back of the leg like they ought to.

    on those spitz hens they probably came out of a layer flock or breeder pen. their feathers are missing from repeated breeding by a rooster.

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