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ok so I'm hatching or at least trying to hatch my first pekin eggs.
and I put them in the incubator at different times so their numbered the first batch had 5 one was infertile and the other four have made it to hatching day...sort of. The 4 and 2 are fine. They all started wiggling on they're 27th day. on the 28th the 1's started pecking one was ahead and made a small hole was doing great. the other ones started to crack the eggs and if it wasn't for my help they would still be at that point till today which is the 31st day. I made a hole for them. The one that was ahead died): don't know why. then the others are chirping poking the hole but that's about it. It's a little late, should I help them? Or are they just late hatchers? And when should I help them? I don't want them to die like one did. Any help please? and thanks.
If they are sitting in one spot, or better hole with bill going in and out for more then 24 hours then they are stuck or slightly shrink wrapped. You have to start helping them or they will die. Remove only a little bit at a time and stop if you see blood. Remove shell and membrane to the 1/4 mark. No blood. Continue to the 1/3 mark and then to the 1/2 mark. Do not go beyond that and do not pull the baby out. Simply put it back into the incubator and let it do the rest.

I am no expert but I had a similar situation with 2 goose eggs a couple of weeks ago.

What is your temp/humidity set at? Mine were shrink wrapped and one died without ever pipping (externally) and the other I helped but didn't make it. If your humidity is low and you suspect they are shrink wrapped you can add a wet sponge to the incubator or lay the eggs on wet wash cloths and use a Q tip to wet the membrane (if you have already assisted).

How are they doing? If you haven't helped yet and they are chirping and breathing I would leave them be... keep us posted
sorry for the late reply. But three have hatched two are looking healthy but the last one that hatched a few hours later is very weak, his chirps are weak his coat is a dull yellow(I don't know if that has a meaning) and he also hasn't learned to walk I think he had splayed(spraddled) legs so I did this band-aid thing. it's day 1. i really don't want that ducky to die): since he can't walk to feed itself what should I do?

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