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Dec 18, 2020
Hello all!

My husband and I are pretty sure that our Cayuga hen has wet feather. We are going to bathe her this weekend, then prevent her from swimming for a few days to see if her feathers improve. She is still walking, swimming, quacking, preening, drinking, mating, foraging, and laying, but she seems to suddenly only be eating her dry food, which is a mixture of vitamins, corn, and oyster shells. At least that's what it looks like. With peas, which used to be her favorite treat, she is either seeming to have trouble getting them in her mouth or she gets them in her mouth and then they fall out. She is still foraging, but this is a HUGE behavior shift and I'm curious/concerned as to what could be causing this. Could she legitimately just be sick of them? Between my 4 duckies, they go through one sizeable bag per day. I'm also worried she might not be able to eat and it may just look like she is. Again, she still has all of her energy and she's laying a sizeable egg almost every single day, but this is just so different. Could she be pouting, because two of my babies are still fairly new? (They are 3 months old, she and her drake are 15 months) Any advice? All suggestions welcome and thank you!

Mother of duckies

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