Duckies For Swap in South Georgia!


Jan 28, 2019
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I have three duckies I am looking to swap for other duckies, though I am also interested in chickens, hatching eggs (chickens, duckies, or button quail), button quail, and certain kinds of pigeons.

These are the three lovey downy dorks I am looking to rehome- they are bonded, so if you wanted all three it would go well!

These were all hand hatched and handreared!

First, a gorgeous Pekin drake hatched in February that we call Bumblebee:




Then we have a sassy mallard drake that we hatched in early March, we call him Cicada (or Cici!):



And last, but not least, a female khaki Campbell who has just started to lay! She hatched out with Cicada. We call her Grasshopper (or Hopper!):




These three are very sweet, but so startle easy. The mallard is a bit sassy! But we think he is funny. We are only really looking to rehome them because we have a few too many boys in our flock, and these three seem to hang out together vs with the rest of the flock.

I am located in South Georgia! May deliver of gas money is provided.

Swap Notes: if offering chickens, I am mainly interested in blue and green egg layers (only have one green, no blue, and bunches of every other color!), polish colors (besides silver and golden laced- unless you have a golden laced pullet), we would love a Muscovy or two, a Female pekin, we are interested in getting some Swedish ducks (our hatch rate was terrible this year), and we always love cayugas (most of our flock is cayugas!) We love button quail as mentioned up top, and we have been looking for Swedish flower hens. We also have been looking for various pigeons, or rock doves. And again, we are big fans of hatching so hatching eggs are totally something we would consider for chickens, duckies, or button quail.

If you have any of the above things but don’t think it’s a equal trade, shoot me a message and we can see if we can work something out!

Hopefully I did this right, let me know if anything is fussed up!

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