Ducking dried with egg juices.

Yes there is a way and you should clean it off. What you can do is gently wash it off with warm water under a faucet and then dry the duckling with a blow dryer. Be careful that you don't drown the duckling while you're cleaning it in the water and hold it's head out of the water. :)
I know the mom hens will pick it off, if it's in a incubator/brooder I would pick it off by scratching the surface softly or leave it unless of course it looks bad enough that you think it might freeze or that it can't walk or see. Then I would take a damp cloth and wipe what I can off and then make sure it is dried fully afterwards.
It sounds like it was a wet hatch (your temps may be low or your humidity too high). You can clean it or just leave it be and it will fluff on its own.
My main worry was its eyes were almost glued shut by it, I managed to wipe enough off to get him comfortably moving. Would have been temp it wouldn't stablise after the ducklings were out, playing with the thermometer. Will zip tie it up next time

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