Ducking with injured neck

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    Jun 29, 2011
    So I went to Roots Auction yesterday which is a local small animal/vegetable/miscelaneous auction. I was looking for some more hens. I bid on some and got some, but in one of the cages of birds that I bought was a Silky hen and a baby duckling. The hen thinks the baby duckling is its chick and vice versa. How ever it wasn't until we had bought them that I noticed that the duckling had previously been attacked by something. It has scabs over its wounds but they are on the left side of its neck and on the back of its neck. I put some antibacterial cream on the scabs and since the hen and the duckling were both sneezing, and the duckling had a discharge coming from its nostrils, I put duramycine in their water. I have them seperate form my other birds but i guess i'm asking if there is some thing else I shoud or shoudl-be doing? Any comments are welcome.
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    Sounds like you have things covered, at this time its probably " a wait and see". Pretty cute how the duck and chick bonded [​IMG]

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