duckling drownings


6 Years
Dec 31, 2013
Temperate Australia
I've had some ducklings hatch under a broody runner on the weekend. I came back from a party on Sunday to find the ducklings in the pond, 4 of them afloat and 3 of them drowned.

The mother was on the shore not helping at all, just going spastic when I go there to help them out of the pond. I also put some branches in there (which float) as a means for them to get out in case that was the problem.

Then I tried to get them in a chicken tractor for the night as I'm worried about predators but of course the mother goes spastic and won't let me catch her. I finally manage to catch all the ducklings put them in the cage, then after a lot of chasing I catch the crazy mother and put her in.

But she hates the chicken tractor for some reason, they are safe in there from predators and have an enclosed area which should make them feel safe. I arrived home from work today and it was dark so I went to check to see there were any more drownings. No more drownings but the mother is just sitting out in the open. I checked to see if all 4 ducklings were there but I didn't bother to put them back in the tractor as I had a really bad day with my mobile getting stolen, then I saw my chickens cannibalized eggs and realized that I don't want to add any more stress to the rest of my day.

Any suggestions? I feel like everything is going wrong for me in every aspect of my life and in every activity and undertaking that I do
How did mama and ducklings get out of the tractor? Honestly you really need to keep them up an safe for at least a week or two. Then they will still be prone to predators but they’ll be more aware of what’s going on in their world. I’m sorry your having a hard time right now that plus uncooperative mama duck can cause stress:hugs. But they are your responsibility to protect them. I hope you find them all still alive this morning.

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