Duckling feet, scabs?


Nov 7, 2017
Hello everyone! Hoping to get some help & clarity here! I just got 4 adorable little ducklings... pic 'cause I know you all love them!! ;)

The duckling I am concerned about is the fluffy little Khaki Campbell. He/she has something on the bottom of both feet. I'm not sure if they are scabs, calluses, the beginnings of bumblefoot already? She/he was a last minute addition to our purchase. That was the last lonely little Khaki in the pen at the store & it broke my heart to leave him/her alone. So I impulsively took it without checking it over... shame on me. :he (Honestly... I would have taken it anyway!! They certainly wouldn't have helped the duckling out!!) Any way, any thoughts?

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What adorable lil ones you have.

I don't think that is bumble, we have been discussing this this week about over grown scales[skin] possibly if kept on shaving that were wet with ammonia this could be from that. But just hard to say. I'd let the duckling have some swim time and you can soak the feet in some warm Epsom salt soaks[ 1/4 cup to a quart of warm water. ] do not let them drink this solution ES is also a laxative] Use a deep bowl and just dip the feet into the warm ES water but that probably isn't needed at this point.
He isn't limping like in pain?

Not saying this could not become bumble at some point but I don't think it is now.

Bumble treatment is soaking in warm ES water applying clear iodine in 3-4 days scabbing should peel off easily by using finger nail to get up under it. If it doesn't peel off easy keep doing treatment till it does. Once the scab is off either the plug will come out with the scab or can be picked out with sterile tweezers, Poultry pus is thick. Then use something like triple antibiotic [with out pain relief] and wrap till healed. check every few days to make sure you got all the bumble.

I really don't think this is needed though. Just giving you this FYI

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