Duckling genders


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I have two pekin wild mallard cross drakes and want to get some females for them. Is there an easy way to tell somewhat acurately if they are a boy or girl while ducklings? I am looking at getting mallards. We have experianced what is like to have to many guys to girls and don't want more males if we can help it. I was thinking of getting 4 females to ward off the girl hogging. Thanks for any help.
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When they are really little its hard because they all look and sound pretty much the same, You could try vent sexing, but this can be fiddly when really small. When they are about half feathered, the girl's voice will start to break.... sorta like a teenage boy
or you could get them DNA sexed..... just some food for thought.
Thanks, Hmm I don't really want to learn vent sex in the middle of the store...So I was wondering if there were just some little signs I could look for like males have thicker legs or lighter bills or something. Just so it's not 100% luck of the draw.

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