duckling hatched early...survival chances?


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11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
I went out this morning to find that Stencils mallard egg has half way hatched, top part of the shell was off, but there was alot of blood, I pulled him out and he still have a lot of yolk left, about the size of a grape, I brought him in and wrapped him up in a moist warm washcloth, and out him in the bator, he's peeping, but I dunno if he'll live, he looks atleast 4 days early, he's fully formed, but still...

I'm all depressed now.
well, right now, he's pretty vocal, he's still moist, so thats good, he's REALLY pretty too!

he's a little mallard x call, he looks like a darned call duck LOL.

update later

Wifezilla, not sure really, I got excited I guess, THINKING that he was full term, I wanted to get a good look before he left the nest and I couldn't get ahold of him, he wasn't IN in the half of the shell, he was working on kicking it off, like a full term duckling. I really shouldn't have bothered him, but curiosity does evil things LOL, like I said, he's looking good SO far, i'm hoping for the best.
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Ahhh.... gottcha. It is kind of freaky when they start flopping around half attached to the egg. Hope he makes it ok. Sounds like you are doing what you can

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