Duckling Hatched Early with Blood

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    Hello everyone, today my brother went out to the duck area to check on the last egg that was supposed to hatch soon. Let me rewind a little, the duckling was pipping for 2 days, only this time the pipping was really slow and extremely weak compared to when it started. So I candled it and it was pipping at the same spot and there wasn't a mark at the area at all, the shell was still un-cracked. I suspected that her egg tooth was underdeveloped, since it runs in the blood-line, so I peeled back only just enough for her to breath, and then I put the egg back for her to absorb any yolk and blood so she can get out on her own when she is ready. However, (fast forward to today) when my brother went outside, ants were going in and out of the egg and the duckling was screaming. So we quickly got the duckling out of the shell and took out the ants. The duckling was all developed and the yolk was absorbed. The only thing is that it didn't absorb all the blood. So there were blood veins in the membrane, but the duck came out without anything attached to it. The butt was kind of swollen and red, so we took cornstarch and put it on the butt to stop any bleeding. Then we turned on a heat lamp to keep the duck warm and dried it with a blow dryer set on low on warm. Is there anything else that we can do to ensure that it stays alive?[​IMG]

    Update 1: The duckling started to get up and tried to walk. It is pipping and it is opening it's eyes.
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    vitamins and electrolytes, the Save a Chick electrolytes at tractor supply would be PERFECT for this little one.

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