Duckling hatched with a lot of yolk left *PICS & VIDEO*

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    I had a little duckling hatch out yesterday and today, It still has quite a bit of yolk left to 'absorb'. I moved him to a warm wet cloth last night to help keep him from drying out in the bator.

    the yolk has went down by half in size but hes out of the egg now. I'm a little scared about moving him to get the cloth wet again, I don't want to make him bleed or break the yolk or something, since its still attached to the inside of the egg and he's laying out of it. I am trying not to open the 'bator too much also, only to check on him and make sure hes still damp..

    he seems fine, moving, chirping and breathing. but still laying down attached to the yolk, what should i do?

    Here he is, I think hes a Muscovy/Runner Cross: "Gonzo"


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    You're doing the right thing.......just keep the humidity up & let him be to absorb the yolk. Hope he does well!

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