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Jan 25, 2021
Hey guys! This is my first time hatching eggs, I have 6 Indian runner duck eggs and 2 already hatching this morning! I am just a bit worried about some of the others. Hoping someone can either ease my nervousness or tell me if there is something I should do to help! There is one that had quite a bit bigger air sac than the rest for the last few days before lockdown and I think he had already internally pipped day 24. His egg is also the smallest one (not sure if that makes any difference) and he has been shaking/moving around much more and earlier than everyone else. But he has made no pip yet and I am worried cause I was expecting him to be the first by a lot? I can tell he is still alive, when I shine my flashlight through the incubator lid I can sort of candle him and see movement inside still and every now and then he still shakes and moves but it seems to be getting less... I am not sure at what point I should try to help him? Or if this is normal. The other egg I am worried about is a very long skinny shaped egg and his air sac is a bit weird looking, it is like the whole top side of the egg is an air cell... his egg also hasn’t shown any signs of shaking or movement but when I shine the light in could see a bit of movement inside so he is alive... just wondering if maybe he is malpositioned or if maybe the shape of his egg is making it hard? I may just be really overthinking all of this as I’m sure many first time Hatchers do haha 😂 but would love some advice if I do need to assist at all or if anyone can tell me this is fine/normal. Thank you!!! Attached pics of already hatched ducklings :)


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Jul 1, 2020
I wouldn’t be too worried. I’ve never hatched eggs though before, so I’m not totally experienced. But from what I researched, it takes about 28 days for them to hatch, but I guess if you are seeing less activity, I might personally try to help the egg. Maybe wait until day 28 to see what happens and if he hasn’t hatched, start helping him out.
I know this might not be what you are wanting to hear and you probably want someone with experience but I hope this in some way can give you some advice! I hope someone more experienced will help you out soon!! I wouldn’t be too worried either, it’ll all be fine. 🙂

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