Duckling Hatching, Question about Yolk absorption and Blood Vessels

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    Mar 23, 2018
    Hi, I have a little duckling currently hatching. It had started pipping at the wrong end of the shell so i helped it out and now it is pipped and breathing and trying to get out. I have spritzed the membrane every hour and then i also put bacitracin jelly on it to keep it moist. i initially helped it about 12 hours ago and i havent touched it since cuz im afraid to break vessels. they dont really seem to be drying up and at this point the hatch has been so manipulated and although the membrane is moist it still seems tough so i dont really see it being able to get out on its own. My question is, what can i look for as an indication I can further help it along??
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    Pipping on the wrong end alot of times they don't need any help at all. means they didn't spend the normal time in the air cell, so they can take even longer to hatch. How much shell have you removed? Can you take a picture and post?

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