Duckling in Modesto California area

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  1. calgal98

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    I have a single hatchling that needs company..Anyone have a newly hatched duckling they would share??
  2. 1234duck

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    I live in Upper Lake, Ca. about 2 hours from Sacramento. I have 9 ducklings I hatched in the incubator July 11th-12th so their 3weeks old and are the sweetest, friendliest little things. They are Golden Cascade babies. Yellowish & white with a brush of light brown on the wing feathers. I am gonna be taking/giving them to our local pet store when i get a chance. ~~Your more than welcome to help yourself to them.~ Also there are 6 more Golden Cascade babies, hatched by the mom Saturday July 23rd ~11 days old.. I would need to catch them & their not even as friendly as the older ones b/c they were hatched by the mom. (But they will be friendly once they get use to you.) Right now they are yellow. ...Here is a picture of the Hen & Drake (Mom & Dad) [​IMG] ~Julie~
  3. calgal98

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    Thanks, they would be too old...could harm the little one. Looking for something within a couple of days...Thanks though! They are beautiful and I appreciate the offer!

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