Duckling making odd noises and breathing funny


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
Okay, so we recently bought two ducklings (a pekin and a mallard) at FS a week or so ago. We're currently using pine pellets as their bedding (they kept sneezing when we had shavings in there) and we're feeding them starter duck feed. I'm keeping their area clean (cleaning it 3-5 times a day) and changing out their water every time it gets a little dirty. We keep them inside most of the day, and then at night we put them in their box in the garage (the garage is heated and is 70 degrees right now, so I dont think it's too cool.)
Our pekin started making odd noises and breathing funny today. The noise sounds almost like she's cooing, and I think maybe it's a noise of content (we had a hen that did that) but the breathing.. isn't right. It's like she's trying to breathe with a runny nose or something? Its nostrils aren't clogged, and I checked to make sure nothing is stuck in her mouth/throat. S/he's acting normal, apart from the cooing and the breathing.
Am I worrying too much about this or should I try to get it to a vet?

Edit: I just went to pick it up and it drooled on me (or maybe it was throw up?) it was clear and very thick. I put it back into its box and it drank some water and it's still acting normal apart from the throwup/drool. I listened to its breathing and it seems better now..
I'm still worried.
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They're a little over 3 weeks old. We had it up to 80 degrees but they were panting, so that's why we turned the heat down some.
S/he's acting just fine today, eating and drinking fine and playing with the other duckling. I'm still a little worried, I don't want to be overlooking something serious here.
70'F is likely too cool, I agree. I'd just try to keep an area of the brooder 80'F, but be sure to allow room for the ducklings to move away from the heat if they want to. Also, be certain to provide water that is deep enough for bill dipping and cleaning. But not so deep that presents danger of drowning. I like the plastic yogurt containers with the lid on that have just enough room for a bill and that's all. No pics tho, sorry.

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