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Apr 28, 2017
Hey there, so we bought our first ducklings from TSC last night. 8 Rouens. When the employee was boxing them up for us, I noticed one of the ducklings had a big drooly throw up (I have seen chickens have a similar thing happen, like water getting vomited from the crop) and I didn't think much of it... Today I took all the babies out of the brooder to run around and play a bit, and I noticed 1 of them was significantly smaller than the rest and also seemed to have a very full crop, like big chest bulge. I picked it up gently to take a closer look and when I did my finger gently put pressure on the crop and it did the throw up thing again, but much more this time and it wasn't just water but a food/water mix. I was a bit startled and got puked on so I set the baby back down, and suddenly it started to kind of have a seizure or something like stumbling and flailing around... I pick it back up because I was worried about it and it just kept swinging its head and flailing until it died right in my hands!!! This all happened over the course of about 30 seconds, very quickly! I have no idea what happened and all the other ducklings are perfectly fine and happy. I am so confused! What could have happened? Some kind of blockage in the crop/throat? Choking somehow or what?! I am devastated I have never actually had an animal die right in my hands before I just wish I knew why. Any ideas? TIA


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I am so sorry this happened. :hugs It's hard to know for sure what the cause of death was without having a necropsy done, but it sounds like the duckling might have been sick already. Keep a close eye on the others and avoid handling them when their crops are full.

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