duckling toenail torn off - recommended care???

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    Jun 2, 2009
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    this evening, as we herded the birds to their pens, we noticed one of our ducklings (3 or 4 months old) flopping as if her foot was very hurt. Since we are newbies, I came on BYC to search out info, then we set up the kitchen with a salt-soak bath and various implements and ointments.

    When we brought her in and looked at her foot, we could see that one toenail (the back one) was completely torn off. The wound looked clean (not all torn up and raw, just looked as though the nail was pulled straight out), no bloody mess or anything.

    So, we soaked her in a bath of salt-water and chlorhexadrine (the antiseptic our vet sold us) for about ten soothing minutes, then returned her to her straw bed. We plan to soak it again tomorrow and see how it is doing.

    Any other recommendations or info ?? Will the nail probably grow back ??

    thanks bunches...

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