Duckling; Water leaking from nose?

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    Feb 23, 2014
    We decided to go to our local Reber Ranch and adopt a duckling in the case that our egg doesn't hatch- And if it does- No biggie, he just has a pal. Well, we got one 2 days ago, and when we woke up yesterday morning it was dead. It seems that it had become "waterlogged" because through the day it had been wheezing, sneezing, crying for no reason, not being able to sleep, and water coming from it's nose. When we tried to give it CPR, water came out of it's nose as well. We got ANOTHER duckling yesterday after finding the one we had just adopted dead, but this time we have been giving her very shallow water so it can't get it's nostrils in and suffer the same fate as the last duckling. The last duckling had submerged it's face in the water A LOT so we think that's what caused the water logging and we're trying to prevent that. But, this duckling seems to have water coming from it's nostrils occasionally(Not nearly as often as the last duckling) even though she's not able to get her nose under water. So, is this normal? Should I be worried that this one's going to die on us too?:( I don't understand, we give her VERY shallow water, is she suppose to just not drink!? Why is her nose leaking? Also, I've heard that ducks are suppose to have enough water to clean their nostrils and eyes, but that completely contradicts the whole waterlogging thing, so why did the last one die?! What should I do, I just don't get it... Sorry, I'm so oblivious, everything just seems to be going wrong in my little duckie world no matter how hard I try... I've done tons of research and do everything I'm suppose to. To be honest, I'm slightly traumatized after finding my first duckling dead.. So but, can anyone explain to me this water situation? Thanks!
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    Feb 23, 2014
    I may not even be using the term "waterlogging" correctly, I'm having trouble finding out what that really even means, which is frustrating... When I say the duckling was "waterlogged" I'm trying to say it had water in it's lungs...
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    I'm dealing with my duck doing this as well. I've been researching with no such luck. I hope your baby is ok.
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    It is not that unusual for a little water to come out of a duckling's nares. In fact, the way they keep their nares clean and prevent sinus infections is by passing water in through the bill and out the nares.

    They can, however, drown under certain conditions. And they can get hypothermia if they get soaked and chilled. Or they can get pneumonia.

    It does seem counter-intuitive that they need water but you have to be careful about the container when they are little.

    Have you read the sticky on Raising Ducklings? Raising and caring for ducklings

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