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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Samibrainey, Apr 14, 2017.

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    Mar 2, 2017
    I have a poor little sweetie-pooh with an injured leg. I have built an enclosure for my older ducks, and today I partitioned off a small section of it to protect these 2 new ducklings... it was plenty warm enough for them to have some playtime outside. The enclosure shares a fence with 3 goats and a mule. It's wire fence, and I *thought* they were too large to get through (it had to have been a bit of a squeeze, at the very least). I did not witness the event but my husband told me he heard "panicked squawking", and then found her in with the goats and mule, far far away from where she should have been. I imagine that she squeezed through and a goat took a taste (most likely) or same scenario but the mule (who likes his nibbles) got her.
    She splays the leg, and there is a minor abrasion. Things feel like they're in the right place, and there isn't a great deal of swelling but maybe the hip looks wonky??. She does not like moving but she can, and she will when motivated. She is very unbalanced, but has good range of motion from the hip down. I put her in a deep container of water and watched her kick around for a minute or so... she was lopsided but still engaged the whole leg.
    I have her and her buddy back in the brooder with feed and water right there to encourage her to sit still with her leg under her in the appropriate position. She was breathing heavily but seems to have calmed down some. It's clear she is in a heap of pain, and that is what I hate myself over. My plan is to watch her closely, and deal with any changes as the may come. I am debating splinting the leg as if to correct splayed legs but I am undecided and inexperienced. I will give her "hydro therapy" periodically. I image the cool water and weightlessness will be soothing. Please, if you have experience with something like this, tell me. I am open to kind advice and suggestions. My gut tells me she will be OK but I want to do everything I can to help her.

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    @Samibrainey Probably a very sore leg and with a few days rest will be okay as long as you can't feel any breaks or there isn't any swelling. But instead of cool water use nice warm water that helps make muscles relax and won't chill the ducklings. Right now let her rest and not have to do much walking and let the water therapy be her exercise.

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