Duckling with cat bite wounds and suspected air sac rupture


6 Years
Nov 16, 2015
Hi guys
a neighbour brought a duckling to me earlier this evening which has cat had brought in

i found a wound on the shoulder and learned that up, applied antibiotic ointment etc. gave it enrotril and will take to a vet tomorrow to get some penicillin or augmenton as I suspect none of the AB I have on hand here are the best for a cat bite.

but I had a gut feeling there was something else going on as well despite not being able to find any other wounds

i am now pretty sure it has a ruptured air sac on the left hand side behind or beside the leg. It’s not in respiratory distress at the moment, there is definitely a little air leaked out around there but the duckling is alert and eating etc.

i was wondering if anyone has dealt with something like this before? I’ve dealt with ruptured air sacs before, I had a run of ducklings one year with them which were not from trauma but from some sort of undiagnosed diseased. Those ducklings all got really large pillows of air under the skin and were in obvious respiratory distress, so I punctured the area with a needle, often more than once and released the air. Some made it some didnt
one thing I did notice was that it seemed like if I released all the air that th3e was, sometimes the duckling would die within seconds, so I started after that releasing most but not all the leaked air and had better results with most surviving and recovering.

so now I have this little duckling with this cat bite wound, and at the moment I am feeling like I should not attempt to release the air as it is not in any respiratory distress
but it’s midnight and I am concerned if the amount of air leaking out increases overnight while I am asleep.

I a, also only experienced with air sac curpture due to disease, not trauma so not sure if it behaves differently

there are no vets available till morning

its a small mallard duckling 1-2 weeks old, generally alert, no sign at all of respiratory distress atm, has been eating and drinking. Acting pretty normal. i am sure it is a rupture, as I can see the distension on one side and hear the sound when I stroke its fluff . The distension isn’t hugely obvious atm I didn’t notice it till after I was holding it and noticed a distinct difference in the sound when stroking it on the affected side vs the non affected.

has anyone dealt with anything like this?

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