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    May 15, 2011
    I am new to all this.....I have 6 chickens, and I also have a pair of mallard ducks, and a pair of pekin ducks. I had another female mallard, she had a nest with 12 eggs, but a week before they hatched, she was killed by something. I put the eggs in an incubator and 5 hatched on May 8. One has a crooked neck. It can walk around, and can eat and drink, but has a little difficulty. If i hold it, i can straighten the neck out a little, but it goes right back into the side position. I will try to paste a picture. I bought the poly vi sol vitamin drops and began giving them to it on the 12th. I also got some vitamin E. I give the drops in the morning and in the evening.....a couple drops each time. I am not sure how much is actually being swallowed tho! Is there any thing else I can make a splint or brace? or will that harm it more? Please help with this! thanks! [​IMG]
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    so sorry you lost you duck and now one of the ducklings is having problems, here is a link with many questions about simular problems maybe one of them will help you know what to do for the wee one i hope so. img/smilies/welcome-byc.gif" alt="welcome-byc" />">

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    I've been telling some people that you can give a bird with crooked neck gatorade or polyvisol.
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