Duckling with swollen eye ducts.

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  1. An acquaintance and I made an order for ducklings from Ideal poultry. They arrived last Friday, but I was unable to pick them up until Sunday night. They are black runners and have been rather difficult to inspect because of their dark color.
    These are my first husband and I say down with them tonight with a bright light and their first bath. We were able to finally give them the once over and it looks like one of them has swollen tear ducts. Her eyes are very watery.
    I know none of the ducklings my friend ordered survived the shipment and she was keeping them with the chicks that did survive. The friend has ducks already, so I believe she was caring for them properly. They were kind if grimey looking when I picked them up, but I figured it was due to them being ducks or housed with the chicks.
    I have Storey's Guide, and I think maybe the duckling has sticky eye, so I'm wondering if she just needs time to let them clear up on their own?

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    Can you get some Veterycin spray? awesome stuff and most TSC carry it. all you need to do is spray the eyes with it. and if not make up a warm saline solution and start very gently using cotton ball or very soft wash cloth washing around the eyes, do this as often as you can till you notice improvement. and then put some apple cider vinegar in their drinking water make sure they can't climb into the bowl but they need to be able to wash out their eyes and nares and the ACV will kill alot of bacteria that may have been in the shipping box especially with dead animals in it. I'm sorry some didn't make it, we had another member a couple weeks ago that i think ordered from ideal and all of theirs died but 3 I don't know whats going on with this hatchery but to even think of sending tinnies through the mail in the weather the USA has been having just doesn't seem right.
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  3. Yes I can. I think when we made the order initially, we didn't think the weather was going to still be so awful. My DH actually said he will never mail order babies again. It broke his heart.
    After we gave them a warm bath last night, the one with the eye problems seemed much better. Today I was so worried about her I gave her another bath and I couldn't believe how much better her eyes look. We are I f course in another winter storm, so no going to TSC at the moment.
    I'm going to fix them up a little butter tub for their drinking water, because I'm pretty sure I caught them "swimming" in it. Hopefully that will also be most beneficial.
    Thanks for the reply!
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    Keep us updated on them please so glad to hear she has improved already. [​IMG]

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