Ducklings and Chicks gone only evidence is feathers?!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by RuffleChubs, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Apr 7, 2016
    I'm new to the chicken/duck world and about 3 months ago I got 4 adorable baby chicks. My flock grew and I ended up with 11 beautiful birds 7 chickens and 4 ducklings. We just recently started letting them outside to free range they were staying out at my grandfather's shop slightly out of town. We don't live out there we just own the land and building anyways they free range during the day and we lock them up at night they were still young but old enough to stay outside we check them often and on Monday my grandmother and I went to go put them up but we discovered the wernt there. I looked around for them but they were no where to be found. There were a lot of feathers in the coop and when I looked up a German shepherd came out from other our parked RV. it looked at us and ran off. My first thought was it had killed all 11 baby birds but there was no blood or bodies just feathers. I had posted on local missing and found animal pages on Facebook about the dog. The dog showed up the morning after but it ran into the woods behind the building weve been trying to get the dog but he seems to be long gone because the food I put out that it has been eating is still there and he hasn't showed up like he has been. Does anyone know what could of happened to the babies? Wouldn't there be blood or other evidence besides feathers if the dog had killed them. I also thought someone had stole them but that couldn't have been the problem because we have other expencive stuff that I'm pretty sure people would rather steal than 11 birds. THe people who live close to the shop also have chickens but they are all still there. WHAT COULD OF HAPPENED TO MY BIRDS??!! I loved them all so much espescially my little duck his name was Darwin and he was always happy to see me he ade me happy too please does anyone have any idea of what could of happened? Today we got 7 new ducklings and 7 new chicks and we are going to build a heavy duty coop but I still want to know what happened to the others. No blood no bodies just feathers?!!
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    Sorry for your loss :( Sounds like it may have been a fox. They will take entire birds off and they take whole flocks because they'll bury extras for later. They don't necessarily leave a mess - all you might find are feathers, like you did. I don't suspect the dog only because dogs usually kill for fun and not hunger so they leave the bodies. Whatever took your birds took them to eat. Maybe the dog did it if it was starving and killed the birds to eat, but since you still have a dog on the loose I wouldn't let any other birds free range there until the dog is caught.

    Before putting new birds out there I'd try to trap whatever got your original ones because once a predator learns a place is source of food, they will return for more.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    I agree! They are most likely gone.:/

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