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Jul 4, 2019
hi, so I have 2 x almost 4 weeks old
Pekins - first time raising ducklings

One of them seems to be fine and the other when it’s eating/drinking it’s foot kinda overlaps on the other or it slightly turns inwards.

After researching on here some have said it’s just due to growing and as there bodies get a bit bigger it should even out. There’s no issues when walking it’s just more when standing still

There fed peas daily and I have niacin for there water/nutritional yeast also for if it’s needed. There also currently
On non-medicated starter crumble (suitable for ducklings) and about to change over to “grower” crumble next week

I’ve attached some photos ( excuse the mess it’s dinner time for them)


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Hi my Peking do that also they have big feet ,and the way they walk makes there feet overlap they do outgrow that usually. My large Peking Swiss anacona mix do that also. I don’t think you need to worry.
If your worried I’d get the b complex liquid from TSC it’s liquid gold for our water fowl. 1 ml daily over the peas you give will help them have strong legs and help keep them from bowing or weakening. This particular b complex is in the cattle dept and will say injectable but just peel the foil and use a dropper to pull out the 1 ml. What niacin are you using and only problem with putting anything in their water is it’s diluted then and they waste so much of it so you have no idea how much they are really getting . And Pekins are notorious for leg issues. Read on Metzers web site about niacin deficiency in ducks.
Yeah I tried to read up on niacin deficiency , at the moment I’ve got just niacin 500mg tablets and every morning I just have a seperate glass bowl (only a small one) and I put less than half a capsule in there and just kinda feed them the water (I’ll hold the bowl) and try and get them to just drink it all because yeah the first time I tried in the water it just went everywhere. If I notice that they just make to much mess of the water bowl or aren’t to interested with it then I go to plan B and will sprinkle some nutritional yeast over there crumble food and normally that gets eaten up

I’ll invest in some of the liquid just in case! Because yeah I read that Pekins struggle with this stuff so I’d rather be safe than sorry
Is this the gel you were talking about - in Australia there’s no many options to get this stuff so will just have to ship it in


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This is the closest I can find in Australia , do you think this is suitable - it says for horses but again take out what I needed daily ?


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Yes either will work. Sorry on my phone I can’t tell where anyone is from. I sprinkle nutritional yeast over feed everyday they love it. I just think with Pekins an other large breeds it’s best to get them on the b complex since we have had such good response with it.

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